Wishing you all Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Feliz Navidad.

After the holidays when you are considering how to make an impact, please consider joining forces with us to protect our elections in the critical swing state of Wisconsin. Alarming reports of the GOP plan to suppress the vote and intimidate voters at the polls are being exposed. A judge in Milwaukee ordered the purge of 234,00 voter names from the voter rolls. Recent reports also tell us that the GOP will increase efforts of voter intimidation at the polls.

Quotes from Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, in a recent tweet:

“Rs have been blocked from so-called “poll monitoring” since 1982, after a federal lawsuit claimed the RNC and the state GOP had off-duty police stand at polling places in urban areas wearing armbands that read ‘National Ballot Security Task Force,’ with guns visible on some.

… but last year, a judge lifted the consent decree that blocked the RNC from intimidating voters. So now they’re back in business. And as we learned today, it’s explicitly a core strategy for their victory.

One core element of the strategy to defeat this voter suppression is by building voter protection teams, with lawyers and organizers, in every battleground state. That’s what @staceyabrams’s group @fairfightaction is doing, with us and others.”

Listen in as Ben Wikler talks purges, voter suppression and the fight for democracy in Wisconsin on MSNBC. The purge of voters is not just an attack on Democrats — it’s an attack on American democracy:

What can we, in the neighboring state of Illinois, do about it?

We are organizing with leaders from WI Democrats to serve as poll-observers in Wisconsin. Please join us in this vital role for activists concerned about voters’ rights and the attack on our democracy.

For additional information on this important voter protection initiative, please contact Rose Colacino at

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