Please send a Letter to the Editor to demand election security. This tool makes it quick and easy!  It requires no writing of your own.

Russia hacked our elections in 2016 as confirmed by all of our intelligence agencies as well as the Senate Intelligence Committee. Trump outwardly requested assistance from Russia and Wikileaks. Despite the efforts of Democrats and some Republicans, election security bills have stalled in the Senate thanks to Mitch McConnell. We are at a crisis point in our country. Election security adversely affected us in 2016 and is a major factor in the impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

The impeachment findings largely hinge on Trump’s demand for election interference from another foreign power – Ukraine. He has also called out to China to assist him with the 2020 election. This goes counter to all of our democratic  values.

Let’s give election security the attention it deserves!  Between possible foreign interference, potentially record high turnout and new voting equipment, we need to do everything we can to secure our vote.

Join me in writing a Letter to the Editor demanding election security measures! Take this quick and easy step today!  Time is running out.

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