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Watch Indivisible Rural Illinois’ August 4 Meeting, Featuring Two Top Climate Scientists on Community-Scale Response to Climate Change Impacts 

Concerned about how climate change is affecting Illinois? Then you’ll want to watch this Zoom meeting from Indivisible Rural Illinois’ August 4 meeting, featuring Dr. Don Wuebbles, University of Illinois professor of atmospheric science, and Dr. Ann Witmer, University of Illinois professor of environmental engineering, the authors of “Community-Scale Response To Climate Change Impacts.” The presentation includes charts and graphs showing climate impacts around the state as well as best strategies on how to talk about climate change to various rural communities.

Dr. Wuebbels was the first director of the U of I’s School of Earth, Society, and Environment and lead author of several US and UN climate-change reports. He is also the author of The Nature Conservancy’s recent publication, “Tackling Climate Change in Illinois.” Dr. Wittmer has pioneered the discipline of Contextual Engineering. Her current research includes an examination of conditions in rural populations that make them receptive or resistant to climate change adaptation technologies.

Watch the entire presentation here:


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