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Five Downstate Candidates Discuss How to Win Elections in Traditionally Rural Illinois

Indivisible Rural Illinois, on  August 3, hosted four rural Democrats from the Metro East area plus the first-time Congressional candidate for IL-13 at the weekly Indivisible Illinois Community Collaborative meeting to discuss how to win in traditionally Rural Illinois. They are State Senator Chris Belt, representing the 57th Senate District; State Senator Kris Tharp, representing the 56th Senate District; State Rep. Jay Hoffmann, representing the 113th State House District; State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, representing the 114th State House District; and Nikki Budzinski, a first-time candidate in the newly drawn IL-13, which covers a swath of Rural Illinois from Champaign County to Metro East. Hear how they’ve managed to run and win, and plan to do it again, despite the wide swaths of Red in Rural Illinois.

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