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90 minute, Progressive Northside Coalition 7th District State Senate Forum

We demand publicly visible negotiation and votes for this appointment. Sign our petition at

Co-Sponsoring Groups include: Anti-Racist Andersonville, Sunrise Movement Chicago, 40th United, Network 49, 48th Ward Neighbors for Justice, 50th Ward Action Network, and Indivisible IL9.

Moderator: Stephanie Skora, author, Progressive Voter Guide, Girl, I Guess

Watch on Facebook Live, Indivisible IL9

Coalition questions to candidates:

  1. Resignations and appointments have characterized the Northside for decades, particularly with the state senate and representative seats. Do you as a candidate join us in our demand that committee members have an open voting and negotiation process for voters to witness? What reforms to the appointment process will you commit to?

  2. What role should Springfield have in reducing racist policing practices in Chicago?

  3. What will you do specifically to protect frontline communities from polluters and explicitly address environmental racism/injustice in our transition to a “Green Economy”?

  4. How would you stay engaged in local communities in your district and make sure you’re representing the community voice?


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