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Indivisible IL9 members discuss the appointment process and how backroom deals and status quo procedures perpetuate Chicago Machine style politics and oppresses community leaders from stepping up to run for office.

Recent Indivisible IL9 Press

Lori Ashikawa’s LTE published in the Sun-Times (Jan 29):

Once again, Chicago Democratic machine thwarts the power of our vote


Chicago Tribune Editorial Board (Jan 26)

We don’t begrudge anyone who suddenly faces unforeseen obligations or gets new opportunities that are too good to pass up. But when elected legislators bail out, voters are deprived of the person they chose to represent them — and deprived of a role in the replacement. This is not healthy for democracy. It encourages cynicism among voters — rightfully so — that is already in high supply. It feeds distrust in government that carries serious consequences of frustration, numbness and disengagement.


Chicago Magazine (Jan 26):

How to Succeed in Politics Without Winning an Election


Sun-Times re-cap of IL9 Democracy in Action meeting w/ candidates (Jan 26):

No ‘smoke-filled’ Zoom: Rep. Kelly Cassidy defends process to fill Steans’ state Senate seat


Indivisible IL9 Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth on Joan Esposito, WCPT (Jan 26 at 1:57)


Sun-Times coverage of Steans retirement (Jan 24)

Some worry process to pick senator replacement on North Side ‘leaves behind the voters’


Politico: Illinois Playbook (Jan 22)



Capitol Fax : Musical Chairs (Jan 25)


Capitol Fax : Another Process Kerfuffle (Jan 26)

Lots of attacks on both Leni and Indivisible IL9 in this post and the comments:


Other background and articles


CBS: Illinois State Sen. Heather Steans, North Side Democrat, Resigning After 12 Years In Office (Jan 19, 2021)


January 23, 2021 Live from the Heartland interview at :28  “we on the Northside – we do things differently than others across the state.“ – Kelly Cassidy


48th Ward Follies, Chicago Reader Nov 15, 2007 (we have a long history of this issue)


Compare how different states fill vacancies: How vacancies are filled in state legislatures


Facebook: Maria Hadden post 7th District Senate Seat Vacancy Process



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