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Our Country Functions Best When We Have a Two-Party System in Which Both Sides Work Together

We American citizens know what our responsibilities are.  It is our obligation to stay informed, participate in activities that improve our communities, and, most of all, vote. Ideally, we vote based on our values and positions on issues.

When people have differences of opinion on a topic, it does not mean that one person is a better citizen than another. However, I have heard some people say that Democrats do not love this country. Others claim that Democrats are socialists.

The fact is that Democrats are the ones who have taken action time and time again to improve the lives of American citizens with very popular and helpful legislation.  The American Rescue Plan was enacted early in the Biden administration. No Republican supported this new law. It helped many of your neighbors and friends (and maybe you) in a very difficult time. It reduced child poverty by half and dramatically reduced unemployment. The Affordable Care Act, passed by Democrats without the support of any Republicans, assures that millions of local community members are able to access health insurance. If you receive Social Security benefits or participate in Medicare, those programs were initiated by Democrats. And, if you are going to celebrate this upcoming holiday with a drink containing alcohol, remember that it was also the Democrats who ended prohibition.

Our country functions best when we have a two-party system in which both sides work together.  Assuring that local residents have needed emergency support and health care is not socialism.   It is caring about and helping each other.   Isn’t that what it means to live in a community?

–Sarah Bingaman

Founder and Co-chair, Indivisible Rural Illinois; and Chair, Action for a Better Sauk Valley

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