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Progressive activism at a local level.

Indivisible Illinois is part of the locally-led, people-powered Indivisible Project network, a grassroots American movement founded in 2016, with thousands of chapters across the U.S. in urban, suburban and rural communities. Indivisible Illinois reflects the Heart of the Midwest by promoting an equity agenda in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

Our grassroots power comes from working in solidarity and in coalition with others. We do this through advocacy and direct action organizing for progressive issues and by electing progressive leaders.

We value: Inclusion, Respect and Nonviolence.

Inclusion: We encourage the positive recognition of differences, regardless of identity, background, or political party. We not only include those from diverse backgrounds, we seek out their participation and welcome their voices.

Respect: We promote an environment of tolerance and fairness. We find common ground, honor good intentions, lift each other up, and work together to allow space for dissent while pursuing a shared goal. Ideas are welcomed and group participation in decision making is essential.

Nonviolence: We channel our immense passion and fierce drive into constructive actions, respecting personal safety and property.

Coordinate With Us

Group Leaders meet regularly to coordinate around urgent and long term issue and electoral campaigns. Indivisible Group Leaders Sign Up Here. 

Our current campaigns include:

  1. Promote voter engagement and protect elections.
  2. Fight disinformation. 
  3. Uplift progressive voices in rural Illinois.
  4. Create an Antiracist Action Plan for all of the Indivisible Illinois Community Collaborative.

These campaigns are driven by our antiracist values and fueled by the global movement towards achieving social, economic and racial justice for all

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Indivisible Illinois Coordinators

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, [email protected]

773-216-2067 Co-founder, Co-State Coordinator Indivisible Illinois; Founder Indivisible Illinois 9th District Andersonville-Edgewater. ILVOTE Chair


Scott Cross, [email protected]

Co-founder, Co-State Coordinator Indivisible Illinois; Founder Indivisible Springfield


Rose Colacino, [email protected]

Co-State Coordinator Indivisible Illinois; Founder Heartland Resistance Coalition; Vote By Mail Task Force Chair


Sarah Bingaman, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Indivisible Rural Illinois; Founder ABT Sauk Valley


Marci Adelston-Schafer, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Indivisible Rural Illinois; Member Bend the Arc Champaign-Urbana


Etta Worthington, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Indivisible Truth Brigade Illinois; Founder Indivisible Western Front


Candace Davis, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Indivisible Truth Brigade Illinois; Co-lead Indivisible Evanston 


Kym Garnett, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Social Justice Alliance; Co-lead Indivisible NWSOFA 


Jonathon Rogoff, [email protected]

Co-coordinator Social Justice Alliance; Co-lead Indivisible Illinois 9th District Andersonville-Edgewater


Terry Maher, [email protected]

Indivisible Illinois Press Secretary and Voting Rights Gazette writer/editor


Jessica Motsinger, [email protected]

Indivisible Illinois Connecting for Action Managing Editor


Michael Peshkin, [email protected]

ILVOTE President; Member, Indivisible Evanston and Indivisible Illinois 9th District Andersonville-Edgewater


Kelly B and Kym Garnett, and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth [email protected]

Indivisible REI Illinois Co-founders and Co-leads



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