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Join us tonight: 7pm – ILVOTE with Common Cause; 8pm – Illinois Handmaids, School Board Disinformation, Freedom to Vote and more

At this time, you  might already have seen that the Freedom to Vote Act was blocked by another Republican filibuster : Please continue to reach out to our Senators. Tell [...]

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‘Audit?’ ‘Investigation?’ What should we call what happened in Arizona?

A few weeks ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer announced they would no longer call the vote recount in Arizona, or attempts to do a recount in Pennsylvania or anywhere else, an ‘audit.’ An investigation, yes. A probe or a review, sure, though often with the qualifier ‘partisan.’ A box explaining [...]

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Help Break the Cycle of Violence: Gun Violence, Gun Suicide and Domestic Violence – Featuring Senator Dick Durbin and the Chicago HEAL Initiative

Event: Sunday October 3, 7-8:15pm CT RSVP What can be done to stop gun violence? If you have ever asked yourself that question then we hope you will join us – NWSOFA/Indivisible Illinois Social Justice Alliance, Moms Demand Action and Newtown Action Alliance – and our panel of [...]

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