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This Sunday is the second Sunday of the month, which means that it is Abolition Sunday. Our ongoing notes with information about each week’s call can be found here:

Linocut by By Eileen Jimenez
Abolition Sunday, October 10, 2021
It’s the second Sunday of the month!
Week 6: Abolitionist Alternatives
All resources are here.
Thank you to all who have stayed with us during these past 6 months (!). Week 6 is the last “official” chapter of the Abolition Journal study course.  There are however countless other resources at that website, so stay tuned for related Sunday Antiracist Work Group topics.  And please join us this Sunday, Oct 10 to discuss: “What now? How do we apply abolitionist concepts going forward?”

Approx times:

  • 20 min: Read Angela Davis, Are Prisons Obsolete? Chapter 6, “Abolitionist Alternatives” (begins on pg 105, which is pg 53 of that PDF)

See you on the 10th!
Lori and Leni
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