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Indivisible Rural Illinois Presents: Climate Change: What Do We Really Need To Know, and How Do We Influence Voters on The Issue?

Climate change, and environmental issues in general, are impacting our present as well as our future. There are already immigration, agricultural and land usage issues that are affecting us because of climate. Those issues are becoming more prevalent daily. Voters need to know how concerning this issue is to their lives and health, and vote accordingly. Our speaker, Dr. Tracey Schafer, will discuss how climate and the environment affect our everyday lives, will fill us in on current environmental policy, and help us figure out how to bring the vast importance of this issue to the attention of voters.

Dr. Tracey Schafer, PhD is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Florida in Wetland Biogeochemistry. Among other things, she has done research on how hurricanes affect soil and water. Dr. Schafer also spent over 2 years in the Peace Corps in Senegal dealing with agri-forestry and farming. She received a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from the University of Illinois. She received her M.S. and PhD from the University of Florida in Soil and Water Sciences.

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