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Just when you thought all phone banks were the same, here comes Romancelandia! Coming off the success of their Fated States 2020 GOTV efforts, co-hosts of the Fated Mates podcast, Sarah MacLean and Jen Prokop, are once again hosting events for Romance readers and Friends of Romance to help get out the vote for the Georgia runoffs.

Join new and experienced volunteers across the nation and experience the delights of Romancelandiactivism while we help save democracy!

Letter from Sarah and Jen:

Dear Fated States Phonebankers,

6 Weeks
7 states
200 phonebankers
300,000 phone calls

Put it in our veins!!!

We are so immensely proud of the work that Fated States did with to get out the vote in so many important places…including FLIPPING GEORGIA BLUE! Thank you so much for being a part of it.

But of course, the work in Georgia isn’t finished! We’ve still got to flip two Senate seats! The Georgia runoff election is January 5th, and we’ve got a schedule in order for phonebanking and postcard writing!

We’ve been hard at work with Nick at Indivisible, who is working with the team at Fair Fight (run by the fabulous Stacey Abrams) to make sure that our powers are used for the very best good!

We want to put three more dates on your calendar to join us for phonebanking in our classic style and a fun postcard writing party (sign up links below and on Twitter & Instagram, and in Fated Mates show notes at!)

Wednesday, December 2, 6-8pm ET: Phone banking Georgia for Ossoff and Warnock!

This will be old-school Fated States style with Register here.

Saturday, December 5, 3-5pm ET – Postcard writing while Jen & Sarah record an episode!

Fair Fight is pushing postcard writing as one of the key ways to GOTV for this election, and we’re super excited to help with that! We’re hosting a Fated States postcard writing party in partnership with Postcards to Swing States and Vote Forward! You get your best penmanship ready, and write to voters while we record a live Fated Mates episode!
To join us for this, register here and then visit:
  • Postcards to Swing States to receive addresses and purchase specific postcards to be shipped to your house for writing and mailing (you’ll need your own stamps), or
  • Vote Forward to print and sign letters to voters (you will need envelopes and stamps for this one!)

Monday, January 4, 6-8pm ET – Phonebanking Georgia for Ossoff and Warnock!

This will be old-school Fated States style with Register here.

ALSO! HERE IS SOMETHING COOL! Romance lover and political scientist Christina Fattore is conducting research on women’s participation in the 2020 elections, specifically involvement in the Fated Mates Phone Bank! She’d like to chat with you for about 30 minutes about Fated Mates, the Romancelandia community, and your own involvement in the political process. This research study has been reviewed and received clearance through the West Virginia University Institutional Review Board. To be a part of Christina’s research, please visit:

As always, we are so so happy to know you all… and so thrilled to be in this fight with you (Team Vertas forever)!

The most love,
Sarah & Jen

Fated Mates

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