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Hello Indivisible Illinois Rural friends,

We have three items on the agenda for our meeting this Thursday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m.   Aftyn Behn from Indivisible National will help us help us understand the impact of the American Rescue Act on rural communities.  After so many years of negativity, this is now an enacted piece of legislation that benefits our rural friends in a wide range of ways and also enjoys support.   Our job is to amplify the good news via personal discussions, social media, local radio, letters to the editor, community forums, missives to voters in specific precincts, etc.
Second, we will talk about the April 6 municipal elections.  Marci has some very surprising information to share.
And, finally, we will touch on the redistricting process that is taking place right now.  Most of us know that we will lose at least one congressional seat in Illinois.  That has many consequences.
All are welcome.  We hope you will join us!
Sarah B.



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Join favorites Matt Hildreth and Kellon Patey for a look at rural organizing efforts in 2020, including what worked and what didn’t work collected from interviews from Indivisible group leaders across the country. We’ll also hear from Ann Clancy, our rural policy lead, about Medicare for All and rural wins from the American Rescue Act.

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Additionally, People’s Action is hosting a first-ever Digital Organizing Academy with a focus on rural organizers! REGISTER HERE

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See you next Wednesday, March 31st at 8 PM ET!

— Indivisible’s rural team (Scott, Dennessa, Rachelle, Aftyn and Tricia)


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