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January 8, 2021

 Indivisible Illinois Calls on IL-15 Rep. Mary Miller to Resign

Press Contact:  Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, 773-216-2067, [email protected]


Indivisible Illinois, a grassroots coalition dedicated to protecting democracy, is horrified that new GOP Congresswoman Mary Miller of IL-15 has besmirched the good name of Illinois by promoting the views of Adolf Hitler at a Washington rally on January 6.

Rep. Miller’s contention that Hitler was “right” about anything is worse than wrong. It is an affront to American democracy and all we hold dear. Hitler was a fascist who divided the world with his toxic ideology, then led the world into a catastrophic world war. These are not Illinois, let alone American, values.

Indivisible Illinois therefore demands the immediate resignation of Rep. Mary Miller. For her to remain in office would be an insult to every citizen in her district. We deserve representation that treats all people with respect, not someone whose idea of a leader is a man who murdered millions of people.

Indivisible Illinois is a grassroots coalition dedicated to protecting democracy by ensuring safe and fair elections, and holding elected officials to their oath to represent all constituents fairly.


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