In Indivisible Illinois Updates, Truth Brigade

255+ participants joined the virtual weekly Wednesday Indivisible Illinois statewide meeting, which  focused on fighting disinformation with effective messaging.

Indivisible Illinois  co-hosted a special statewide meeting along with Indivisible Evanston, Indivisible Western Front and Truth Brigade Illinois. The meeting featured speaker Anat Shenker-Osorio, who introduced social science research that backs her communication strategies designed to help grassroots fight disinformation, spread the word about what we want, and effectively win hearts and minds.

Indivisible Evanston co-founder, Rosie Rees, also introduced the Conservative Talk Radio Project, and Etta Worthington of Western Front Indivisible and Candace Davis of Indivisible Evanston presented the latest updates from Truth Brigade. Rose Colacino, C0-coordinator of Indivisible Illinois, rounded out the evening with inspiration to mobilize us into Indivisible action.

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The weekly Wednesday statewide Indivisible Illinois call is a project of the Indivisible Illinois Community Collaborative.

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