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Courts Matter to Voting Rights & Protection

A Program to increase Awareness and Understanding of the Fundamental Right to Vote and How it Relates to Our Judicial System


The overturning of Roe vs Wade despite the leak of the draft opinion was a stunning occurrence with the reverberations still being felt today.  How did this happen?  We know that it was decades in the making. The creation of the Federalist Society and massive amounts of investments are just part of the story.  The change in our judicial system toward a more conservative slant appears prevalent at all levels from appellate to circuit to the highest court in the land.  Where do we go from here? How do we start? The VBM Taskforce is proud to host a presentation by Courts Matter IL to give us a deep dive into our judiciary system.  In order to return power to the people, we must understand how the fundamental right to vote is tied to our Courts.  We welcome you to join us to increase our understanding and harness that power to fight for our voting rights, reproductive freedom and gun violence prevention.  


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