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Building Bridges Not Walls: How the Race-Class Narrative Can Create Cross-Racial Solidarity and Unite All Voters

The Indivisible Illinois Social Justice Alliance will host the next Community Collaborative virtual event on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 7:30pm CDT. We will discuss the Race Class Narrative (RCN) and welcome guest speakers who will share their dynamic stories with you. Our guests will be representatives from the Poor People’s Campaign IL, Black Leaders Organizing Communities WI (BLOC) and the Hubb for Progress PA.

What is the Race Class Narrative? Our opposition regularly uses racial fear as a tool to exploit economic anxieties. They do this by framing their arguments in terms of one group getting more at the expense of the other group even when, in reality, the economic interests of both groups are the same. In doing this, our opposition turns each group against a government that works for all groups.

Race Class Narrative messaging fights back at these attacks by showing that both groups are fighting the same barrier to unity, namely, the politicians and corporations holding both groups back. This is what convinces the largest possible group of White people to support our economic and racial justice policy solutions.

RSVP to learn how proper messaging can fight back against these attacks and what actions we can take today to address these challenges:

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