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We hope you could join us Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:30 Central to hear about how mainstream media is spreading disinformation.  We heard from Eric Boehlert, Editor and Founder of PressRun Media , a 3-time weekly fearless commentary on the media. ( Eric is a veteran media critic who has been monitoring right-wing misinformation and disinformation for years previously with Media Matters, Salon and Daily Kos. He is the author of three books on the media and he advised us on actions we can take to fight disinformation in the press. We also reviewed our Truth Brigade mission and gave an update on current campaigns. Jody Rein of Indivisible National’s Truth Brigade joined us for a chat about Indivisible National’s Truth Brigade 2.0.  For more information watch the recording. the link is below or  contact: [email protected].  Follow us on Twitter @TruthBrigadeIL

Recording Link

We also appreciated hearing from Jody Rein of the Indivisible National Truth Brigade and we were happy to announce our new “Truth Sandwich Shoppe” meetings every Friday from 11:00 -12:30 starting March 3rd where we will work on creating “Truth Sandwiches” and letters to the editor and sharing other means of spreading the truth. Sign up here
Please Sign Up for our Upcoming Truth Brigade Meetings:
Sign Up for Next Truth Sandwich Shoppe – Friday, March 4th
Tuesday, March 15th we will have a one hour Truth Brigade Workshop where we will go more in depth on sharing postiive messaging on what Democrats are doing well. Sign up:   Truth Brigade Workshop Tuesday March 15th 
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