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Join us, Wednesday November 18, 2020 for the next Indivisible Illinois Statewide call.


See Indivisible Illinois updated meeting Agenda. Register for the call on this Zoom link.

We are now two weeks past the date of the  most historic election of our lifetimes.  Trump still refuses to concede even as Courts repeatedly reject his claims of voter fraud [NBC].  President Elect Joe Biden moves forward with plans in forming his transition team. Today, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris’ vote in opposition helped to defeat Trump’s nominations of Judy Sheldon to the Federal Reserve Board [Politico].

We have Georgia on our minds. By winning two Senate races in the January 5 Georgia runoffs, Democrats, plus the tie breaking vote of Vice President elect Kamala Harris, regain control of the Senate. If only one or neither of them win, Republicans have a chance to block a progressive Biden agenda. [Time].


Take action now to win Georgia


Sign up to phone bank with Fair Fight, Black Voters Matter, or directly with campaigns Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Please note: Phonebanking is proven to increase turnout the most out of all the actions listed below. Remember that about 20% of the country does not have access to broadband. Sometimes phone calls are the only way people can get information about the election.

Donate to Groups in Georgia

Never forget that Black and brown organizers in Georgia are the reason that state flipped blue for Joe Biden. Contributions to organizations in Georgia go a long way in paying organizers and supporting their long-term strategy to defeat voter suppression and keep the state blue.

Other groups to support


Text bank with Fair Fight and Black Voters Matter.

Letter Writing

For out-of-state volunteers, letter writing and postcards is yet another way to help. Indivisible is partnering with Vote Forward for another letter writing campaign into Georgia. To request a list of addresses from Vote Forward, sign up here


For out-of-state volunteers, letter writing and postcards is yet another way to help. You can request a bundle of postcards and addresses at Postcards will be mailed Dec. 26-28th.

Some local Indivisible groups are coordinating postcard pickups in their areas. Please check in with your group if there are local postcard pickup sites near you.


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